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Old enough to know better, but can't be made to care.

And Long Past Midnight



Syd Martin is structured, organized, and almost always working. When she spends an off-night in a way she usually wouldn’t, in the company of a man that she never dreamed she could, Syd finds that her actions hold consequences long past midnight.

Chapters: Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6—Coming soon!

If you haven’t discovered this story, you need to check it out right now!

Chapter 6 of And Long Past Midnight coming soon!


For now, I hope this teaser will hold you guys over. Thanks so much for your patience and support! And if anything doesn’t make sense well, that’s why it’s called a teaser!


Chapter 6 Preview


I can smell the piney scent of floor wax as I step through the mudroom door.

Special preview of next chapter coming soon…



Anonymous: You are an amazing writer. It's just impossible not to like Rik. Can't wait for the next chapter!

I love Rik. I think she’s my favorite of my OFC’s. (Shhhh! Don’t tell Liz, Dave, or Jade!) I’m so happy you like her!

hallotom: I see you submitted The pink Sands to thf again. Does that mean you are going to update it again? It will be awesome. You wrote the first parts long ago, and then left it. I enjoyed it and then no more updates. Also looking forward to more of And long past midnight

I had taken it down because I was going to try to turn it into an original fiction story and do the publishing thing. But Rik refused to fall in love with anyone but Tom, and Tom was peeved that I dared to create an original male character to replace him.

staythatswhatimeanttosay (who is my bestie) and I have actually made an accountability pact with regards to OTPSOB and ALPM—to kick our tushies back into gear. So you should be seeing updates for both! (Can’t say exactly when, but we’re working on our things!)

Thank you so much!

I have been through the struggle of severe depression and suicidal thoughts, and I’ve come out on the other end. I share this for any of my followers who are currently battling these demons and who feel utterly alone. I want you to know that my ask box is open to you. Any time. I will listen, holding you in my arms in my mind. Your life is precious to me. Please message me if you need to talk to someone who understands, who will see value in you even though you may struggle to see value in yourself. I’m here. I encourage any of my followers who have survived depression to reblog this message and open their ask box, too.


A wave viewed from underwater


A wave viewed from underwater

nubriema replied to your post “On the Pink Sands of Barbuda: Chapter One”

Of course it’s sad that you won’t use it as a stepping stone for your career, but you should do what you feel comfortable with, and I’m honestly so happy to see this story on my dash again! ;D It’s gonna be heartbreakingly epic! <3

Making it original fiction meant creating an original male character to replace Tom. And Rik was like, “No. It has to be Tom!” And Tom was jumping and waving in the background, yelling, “Yeah! It has to be me!” So I give up, lol.

And honestly, I don’t see myself writing romance or chicklit as my original fiction. I’m more of a genre writer (sci-fi, fantasy, etc—and likely young adult). *shrug*

I’m actually very happy that I get to tell OTPSOB exactly the way I’ve always wanted to tell it.

On the Pink Sands of Barbuda: Chapter One

A/N: Special thanks to staythatswhatimeanttosay for beta services! If you love Hiddleston fic, you should definitely check out And Long Past Midnight!


Chapter One
Friendly Overtures

Three weeks earlier…

She shouldn’t have come here alone.

Rik stared out of the bungalow window at a cerulean sea crashing against sand the color of salmon. She should be happy, at peace. That’s what the brochure had promised. Enjoy the crystalline ocean without the crowds in picturesque Barbuda. Leave your cares behind. Unfortunately, her cares seemed to have smuggled themselves into her luggage and were now frolicking gaily along the empty beach. Left behind, instead, was her husband.

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On the Pink Sands of Barbuda: Prologue

Summary: Erika “Rik” Hadley is on her second honeymoon—alone. She is resigned to spending the next several weeks in solitude, marinating in a quagmire of regrets and heartache, when she meets her enigmatic neighbor—another loner in this idyllic setting. As an unlikely friendship blossoms between them, Rik finds herself falling for this handsome stranger who seems to be everything her husband isn’t.

A/N: It’s baa-aaack! Posting the prologue and the first chapter does not mean a speedy update on the story just yet. I’m just putting it back where it belongs.

Late Night Call






“Sorry to ring you at three in the morning, but we need to talk.”

Pause. “Hang on.” Soft click of a door closing. “What is it?”

“You’ve made the scandal sheets.”

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"Where you vacation, accidentally fall in love, and go through an epic angsty breakup.

But we have beautiful scenery and pink sands! Pink makes everything better!”

*ducks flying objects*

I’m dying over here. I love it!


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